How it works

What is Diatomite?

The main feature of the Snapdry Mat is that it absorbs water and water evaporate from the surface, so the Mat stays dry and prevent bacteria growth. 

The absorbing feature of our Snapdry Product is due to the properties of the material where it is made from. Diatomite are tiny, single-celled algae found in plankton in ocean. Diatomite accumulated after they died, then fossilized into diatomaceous earth (DE) after hundreds of millions of years. DE makes up 26 percent of the Earth’s crust and is found in the sediments of rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans across the globe. When the rock crushed into a fine powder, is used by industry in filter media, manufacturing filler, abrasives, absorbents, and other products. 

Electron microscope shows that DE is nanoscale porous material with diameter at 0.1-0.2 micrometers, there are numerous small pores on the surface of the DE, such unique molecular characteristics contributed to the excellent function of DE where water can be rapidly evaporated from the surface through millions of pores.